Wednesday, October 29, 2014

Less is Always More

I've been going through images of the New York Fashion Week, and this one really caught my eye. Minimalism is on the act. And yes, Marc Jacobs did it once again. 

I've never been the floral, really girly type. I've always preferred simple, basic cuts and tranquility in my clothing. So when I saw these images, I was intrigued. 

The clean-cut shapes, use of pastels and neutrals call for a minimal Fall season. The slits in the skirts, of which skinny silhouettes peeking from under, create the fun and unexpected twist to the outfits.

Deep and very clean V cuts combined with flare pants gives the illusion of length, length, and more length! Think a mile long legs and slim. 

Neutrals are the key components of minimalism. They go perfectly well with the fall season; resembling fall of the leaves, change, transition, and tranquility...  

I want to top this post with this gorgeous pastel dress. Although it is not the exact description for minimalism, the perfectly blended pastel colors and these nicely places frills sort of do whisper, "minimalism".

Thanks for stopping by!

source: google images
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